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Top 10 Room Planners Both Free and Paid


Planning a room layout might appear to be a daunting process. It delivers numerous challenges out of the box especially for those who do not have special skills and understanding of how a brilliant design should look like. However, modern technologies evolve bringing new advanced instruments that can let you easily take the challenge without any technical skills.

We have conducted a list of top 10 room planners and apps that deliver an outstanding virtual designing experience. From simple apps for newbies to VR-based programs developed by the biggest names in the housing industry like IKEA and some others. They will let users handle any task from setting the structure of the room to drawing floors, picking the right color for the walls or virtual choose different pieces of furniture for any room without actually leaving your home.

#1 – IKEA Home Planner Tools

Let us be frank. We all adore looking through bright and stunning IKEA catalogs. The biggest name in the housing industry has brought that experience to a new level. The brand has developed advanced tools based on VR technologies. The idea is to let customers actually see how a certain piece of furniture will look like in his or her house. In other words, you are free to configure any space in your house or flat. The technology includes tool planners for:

  • A living room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Bathroom;

IKEA customers should expect more features from its VR-based catalog in the nearest future.

#2 – Planer 5D

Planer 5D

It is easy-to-use. It is free. It does not require special technical skills. You do not need to be an expert to design the slightest element of the room from huge pieces of furniture to some tiny decoration items. The planner lets you handle tasks that are more challenging. You can use it to organize your landscape or include a swimming pool in your plan.

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#3 – Autodesk Homestyler

Autodesk Homestyler

This home planner requires at least basic designing skills. Developed for professionals and students. The tool lets users handle some comprehensive tasks like designing a building, 3D formatting, and modeling, etc. The program also delivers a bunch of essential 3D rendering capabilities out of the box. Professionals will appreciate the following planning features:

  • A home planning tool;
  • An office planner;
  • Apartment space planner, etc.

Despite it is mainly focused on pro designers, the program still features an intuitive interface.

#4 – Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D

Are you craving for an extended list of tools to customize your living space? Would you like to go far beyond the typical interior? Then this tool is right for you. The software comes as an online instrument to handle any space planning. Save and download your layouts after you are finished. To access the tool, you will only need to enter your login and password. No installation is required.

#5 – Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Create any plan for the floor you like. Experiment with floors, walls, and doors using this advanced home planner. It brings some amazing features including its own selection of interior finishes’ images. The gallery includes a range of windows and doors to choose from. You can also choose a color and the shape of your floor.

Best Room Planners for Mobile Devices

Apart from online and download versions of top room planners, users can choose from a wide selection of mobile apps. Unlike tools from the list above (most of them are free), mobile home planners are mainly paid although the price is more than affordable. Here are 5 most-rated apps for home design:

  • MagicPlan;
  • Room Scan Pro;
  • Floor Plan Creator;
  • Room Creator;

You are recommended checking the app’s compatibility with your particular type of OS, device career and screen dimensions before installing it




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