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8 Features that Define a Traditional Swedish Interior Design


Although considered as a bit brutal, Swedish interior design comes with muted and soft interior palate. It features elegant lines that ensure the interior’s sophisticated look. The Nordic style follows the latest trends and sticks to minimalism in addition to natural materials, flat lines, etc.

At the same time, the Swedish interior design is focused on simplicity and functionality. Some may say it is even more pragmatic than it used to be a decade ago. Its simplicity makes the Swedish interior design style pretty easy to implement. For this reason, you can come across its features in other different interiors styles. This time we will talk about some basics of the Nordic design to highlight the core issues and features.

1. Floors of Wood

Floors of Wood

Wood is everywhere when it comes to the Scandinavian style. Wood makes the area breathe. It provides more style and makes the area look more cozy and spacious at the same time. Wooden floors have turned into the main signature of the Swedish interior design. They have also grown into an essential feature of the minimalist design used in many different styles including Western and Asian styles.

2. Keep It Simple with the Furniture

Simple Furniture

Furniture plays a vital role in the room’s design and functionality. On the one hand, it serves its major mission to store and accommodate. On the other hand, some pieces of furniture can reflect the major design theme. When it comes to Swedish style, they mainly use sleek modern items color in light and muted tones featuring lightweight materials.

3. Strategic Accessories Placement

The Swedish style considers using straightforward accessorizing. It means that you are not supposed to place your items anywhere you want. They need to be logically connected forming a strategic relocation. There is no place for out-of-date décor elements in the Scandinavian style. You are supposed to use modern and functional items like portable lamps, simple photo frames, clear glass baubles, etc.

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4. Smooth Floors and Surfaces

Smooth Floors

The Nordic style is all about minimalism and simplicity. Smooth surfaces on the walls and floors can be achieved by using laminate. It can be implemented on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

5. Too Much Light is Good


It does not mean you need to place lamps and spotlights all over the house. The Swedish style considers using a much natural light as possible. It requires large windows and wider ins and outs around the house. They will make the space look larger and more lightweight.

6. Understated Color Palate


Muted colors appear to be another essential feature of the Swedish interior design. You are wrong to think that it will add some boredom to the space. Vice versa. It will make your room look cozier and spacious Simplicity is the key to hospitality and relaxing atmosphere.

7. Functionality in the Layout


Creating a functional layout is the prior mission of the Nordic style. Everything in the room must be focused on the workability. In other words, the interior should be as pragmatic as possible with all items and pieces of furniture on their places.

8. Straight Lines in Design

Straight Lines

All basic elements of the interior should feature straight lines. They include not only furniture and accessories, but also windows, walls, floors, etc.

The Swedish interior design is all about simplicity and functionality. This is what actually makes it so elegant. Natural materials combined with straight lines and functional layouts bring the atmosphere of tranquility and peace. For this reason, the Scandinavian style has been the major trend for many years and it is still today!

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