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Most Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid


Planning your interior design is not always fun. It may turn into a challenging process with numerous stumbling blocks on the way to creating a living space of your dream. We know plenty of examples when people decide to decorate their homes themselves without having specific designing skills or at least some fundamental understanding of the issue.

Such an approach inevitably results in common interior design mistakes that are essential to avoid. In this article, we will try to show the most common mistakes. You will learn how to deal with:

  • Choosing a proper color.
  • Picking the right size for the furniture.
  • Setting a proper level of lighting.
  • Scaling
  • Object placement and more.

Let’s start our list of most common interior design mistakes you will need to avoid.

Mistake #1 – Family Photos Everywhere

Family Photos Everywhere

We all love to show off our family photos that occupy all the walls, shelves and other free space in our houses. Once we have finally got rid of that nasty habit attaching fridge magnet thanks to the stainless still appliance, we started overloading the room space with endless family photos. Reducing the number of granny’s images will let you get rid of that chaos as well as out-of-date silver photo frames.

Mistake #2 – Multipurpose Areas

Multipurpose Areas

We all dream of having a multipurpose area that will come as an all-in-one solution combining:

  • A kitchen;
  • A living room;
  • A bedroom;
  • A gym and other rooms in one space.

The idea is good. However, you will never be able to create a cozy living area in the cabinet. Each space requires specific equipment and design approach. Do not try to combine everything in one place.

Mistake #3 – Bad Lightening

Bad Lightening

Light is the essential component of creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere at home. At the same time, choosing a proper level of lightning is a huge problem for people without special design skills. They mostly rely on ceiling fixture as the major source of light. It is wrong. You will need some other light depending on the purpose. It may include:

  • General lightening for the living room;
  • Ambient lightning for the bedroom;
  • Task lightening for kitchen or cabinet.
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Effective illumination will result in proper shadows cast by the light.

Mistake #4 – White Plane Walls

white walls

We do not actually know where this comes from. Why do people opt for plain white walls thinking they add space and light? Well, at some point they do. However, the lack of proper decoration will eventually result in a sterile look that is far from being cozy and warm.

Mistake #5 – Not Enough Attention to the Entryway

The entryway is the first thing you and your guests see. In some way, it forms the first impression of your home. So, why do we usually make it so boring? A boring entryway does not actually reserve many expectations for your visitors. You can make it cozier and more welcoming with a small round table and a chair. A set of statement accessories might also come in handy.

Mistake #6 – The Wrong Furniture Size

Wrong Furniture Size

Over- or undersized furniture is another common design interior mistake people often make. The main problem is the overlooking of the living space. It results in too large or too small pieces of furniture that hardly look on their places. It is vital to have all necessary dimensions before buying a new piece of furniture whether it is a sofa or a small cupboard. Make sure it will fit your interior and space.

The Bottom Line

You do not need to be an interior design expert to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere at home. All you need is to have at least a basic understanding of sizes, features, and ideas you want to implement. The list of mistakes above will help you cope with the task.



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