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Tips to Apply Japanese Bedroom Design for Small Space


So, you have a tiny bedroom and consider it more as your curse, right? Do you fail to create a cozy and relaxing bedroom interior? We have an effective solution for you! In this article, you will learn some great tips on how to implement the Japanese bedroom design for small space.

On the one hand, it will bring harmony and Asian vibes to your place of tranquility and peace. On the other hand, you will get a chance to implement a special and stunning interior design style that has always been the #1 trend for in different countries across the globe. The Japanese style adds some authentic features and tones that you will certainly love. Now, let’s get to our tips.

Time for Relaxation


The Japanese culture pays much attention to relaxation when it comes to bedroom and lifestyle in general. They do believe that our body will live a longer life in case we relax more often. For this reason, the bedroom is the main place in the house.

As well as Japanese do, you need to keep the room in simplicity. It does not mainly mean minimalism. We are talking of a bedroom that does not look overcrowded. You need to get away from all useless things, items, and elements of décor. Each piece of furniture should have its own mission and goal.

Keep the Balance

Keep the Balance

Japanese bedroom design for small spaces is all about the balance. Your bedroom should be the place where natural beauty and peace meet. For this reason, you can use some natural materials such as wood or stones combined with handcrafted pieces of furniture.

The more wooden elements your room will have, the better. Japanese culture considers using various elements and items made of natural wood for the home interior. Bamboo is the core material for beds, chairs, tables and other things that can be met in Japanese houses. It makes your furniture look and feels very lightweight.

Use Your Space Wisely

Minimalism in Japanese interiors is not only about fewer things in the room. It is also about the balance. Each element should have its place. It means that you need to use the space of your bedroom wisely. You need to make the entryway wide enough as well as leave some space in the center. Now, have a look at some handy tips to bring the above-mentioned ideas to life.

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Tip #1 – Leave Some Space in the Center

Leave Some Space in the Center

Always keep in mind other people and pets who live with you. Leave some space to make all of you feel comfortable. A spacious area in the center of the room will do the trick. This is where lofting storage system will come in handy. You need to keep most of your things higher using walls and shelves to leave more space down there.

Tip #2 – Use Only One Color

Use Only One Color

Sticking to one the only color is the major trend of the Japanese bedroom interior. Try to exclude elements that are far over from your color edge.

Tip #3 – Chilling Pieces for an Accent

If you want to stress any part of your room, you need to use some cool pieces to make an accent. A good idea is to install a small aquarium somewhere in the corner of the room. On the one hand, water has a chilling effect and makes you feel relaxed. On the other hand, it will draw the attention of your visitors.

Tip#4 – Keep the Space Divided

Keep the Space Divided

You can use long curtains to divide the room into several zones. Use some light material and avoid heavy bricks to separate the room.

The Bottom Line

The idea of any Japanese bedroom design for small space is very clear. You need to keep it simple and use only those objects and pi9eces of furniture you will need. Try to make the interior as minimalistic as possible but add some authentic pieces to stress the accent.


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