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Simple Ways to Implement Coastal Interior Design Ideas


Interior design trends change and evolve. Loft styles are paired with minimalism leaving behind once-popular ideas like the coastal interior design. Coastal style has been underestimated for years. It is mistakenly compared with messy design and dated accessories.

Our mission is to break the stereotypes and show that a beachy style can be light, clear, and cozy. All you need is to pay attention to details and keep an eye on some essential issues that will let you create a great look for any room in your house. The key features of a traditional coastal design include:

  1. Soothing colors.
  2. Simple
  3. A combination of textures.
  4. A mix of accents.

Let’s dive deep into each feature.

Start with Soothing Colors

soothing colors

The main idea of the coastal design is to create a recreation area that looks relaxing. It must make you feel that you are a few steps from the sea away from the rat race. It is your place of tranquility and peace where nothing can bother you. This is where the soothing color pallet may help.

Neutrals are a good idea to start with. Do not try to place contrasts in different spots. Try to use muted colors instead. Opt for white, gray and blue colors to make you feel on a real vacation every time you step into the room.

Use Simple Minimalist Layouts

Simple Minimalist Layouts

Minimalism has turned into the dominating trend when it comes to interior design. Coastal style is not an exception. Modern layouts are different from what they used to be a decade ago. They feature simpler forms and functionality. There is no need to place houseplants all over the room. Those times have passed. Stick to modern sleekness instead.

To implement such an approach, focus on the functionality of the room. Ensure enough space for people to move with comfort between different pieces of furniture. Do not overload the space.

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Try Combinations of Different Textures

Combinations of Different Textures

Visual weight is the core issue when it comes to coastal design interior. The way the elements look and feel in the room is vital. You should consider tactile experience like the one when you go to the beach. It is all about touches and feelings that create necessary emotions. The sand you touch, the water and stones you feel –everything matter in this particular design style.

First of all, you can try to layer various textures together to see how they would work. Try some wooden pieces. A good idea is to experiment with stones and other natural materials. Make sure they provide a proper visualization.

A Mixture of Accents

Accessories provide the final touch in coastal interior design. However, unlike traditional styles, modern trends consider a minimalistic approach to decoration and accessories. It does not mean you need to get rid of those amazing items you have just bought. You can actually blend as many trendy pieces as you want. The idea is to make them look harmonious and logically connected.

A good idea is to combine modern and traditional items. In this case, “modern” can be a huge photo of the beach or wave combined with decorative lanterns or chevron patterns that refer to “modern” style.

The Bottom Line

Despite coastal interior design getting out of favor over the last decades, it can still bring some exclusiveness to the living area. All you need is to use its features properly and do not be afraid of experimenting with new accents, mixtures, and blends. As a result, you will always feel cheered up on the endless vacation somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a desolate island where none can ever bother you.




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