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What are the Most Popular Bedroom Design Trends 2019?


We all dream of a cozy spot where we can get away from the rat race and wind down in tranquility and peace. The bedroom is the place where we can find from all the troubles and gain necessary energy for another day. The bedroom is our temple, the source of spiritual strength and perfect state of mind. For this reason, creating a cozy bedroom interior is vital. Luckily, modern bedroom design trends 2019 and professional tips might appear to be pretty helpful.

Minimalistic Bedroom Design Trend

Minimalistic Bedroom Design Trend

Minimalism is a good feature for any room. It makes the area look more spacious and breathable. Minimalistic design trends will let you make even a small room look wider and more spacious. You will feel like it is bigger. All you need to do is to get rid of useless items and things that occupy the space you need.

Painted Bedroom Walls

Painted Bedroom Walls 2019

The idea is not just to paint your walls in any color. Avoid too bright tones like:

  • Green;
  • Orange;
  • Yellow;
  • Purple;

The above-mentioned colors usually interfere with the tranquil state of mind. Those colors contain a “call-to-action” feature. They have nothing in common with a relaxing atmosphere. Use blue and white colors for the bedroom walls instead. Ecru is also a great idea for the bedroom designs. It has turned into the latest interior trend.

Use Natural Materials

Natural Materials 2019

Natural materials have always been the major interior design trend for many decades. In 2019, the situation is the same. Such materials are perfect to create a perfect space for well-being. Wooden furniture will make you feel perfect after a long sleep, Woven items and pieces of furniture will let you feel relaxed after a long hard day. Moreover, wooden beds have always been trendy.

Consider the Bedside Lights

Bedside Lights Trends

The light is the vital element whenever it comes to any room in your home. The bedroom is not an exception. Choosing a nice-matching bedside lamp can appear to be a challenge. Make sure the lightning is not too bright. It is supposed to create the atmosphere of tranquility. It the same time, you might also need some sources for the task light in order to read. This is where bedside lamps can be helpful when creating an ambient atmosphere in the room.

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Handmade Furniture is Always Good

Handmade Furniture Bedroom trends

Handcrafted quality has also turned into a new bedroom design trend 2019. It applies to any area of your home. The bedroom will get a cozier look with some handmade pieces of furniture or decoration elements. It will prove that you do care about the comfort of the people who live here.

Artworks and Metal Frames

Metal Frames Bedroom

What was once considered as too heavy for the bedroom, has eventually grown into a new trend. We are talking of different artworks as well as metal frames for your photos and images. You do not need to pick something too complicated. The simpler the better. At the same time, such elements must be striking but not provoking.

You can opt for lamps and other pieces as the bedroom décor. Whatever you choose, all elements must form harmonies and logical picture in the sleeping area. On the one hand, the room should never look overcrowded. On the other hand, it should not be too empty. Apply various graphics, geometric shapes, and objects, posters and images that can appear to be eye-catchers. It will let you add some accent on the walls.

The Bottom Line

With so many great bedroom design trends 2019 to choose from, you can implement any style as well as add some exclusive tones to your sleeping area. All you need is to make sure all elements fulfill each other and create a harmonious composition.


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